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We value our patients' experience at High Point Chiropractic Wellness. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Ana S. from Syracuse, NY


"Things I appreciate about and advice about High Point Chiropractic.

-Physical Place and Environment: The building is beautiful; well designed. This is the most attractive chiropractic facility I have ever been in. I believe that beauty helps heal.

-Group practice (interchangeable doctors): One feels extremely well cared for if three people are paying attention; practitioners have the opportunity to exchange insight about the patient; egos are kept in check. Patient knows that someone will always be available. I have not encountered this team approach anywhere and I especially appreciate this aspect of the practice.

-Leadership: Collaborative, yet there is clear direction.

-Technical Competence: Open to learning more; dynamic rather than static.

-Staff: Physically and emotionally healthy; genuinely friendly; professional yet caring; staff maintains appropriate distance yet one knows there is interest in the patient's well being."

Ed H. from Syracuse, NY


"I initially came to High Point Chiropractic Wellness for back pain and Sciatica. I am in no pain now, and have learned self healing exercises and stretches as well as an awareness of body posture. It has been a pleasant experience and everyone is very helpful and accommodating and the treatment is very effective."

Theresa D. from Onieda, NY

Implementation Consultant

"I came to High Point Chiropractic Wellness for back and neck issues on the recommendation of a friend. It has been an integrative experience; not just a crack and send you on your way. I feel Dr. Irum and staff want to heal from the inside out and will incorporate many modalities to make it happen. I focus on a higher awareness of my part in the healing process. The energy at the practice is passionate, caring and creative. It's a very peaceful place to heal. I would refer others to High Point Chiropractic Wellness."

Brian M. from Syracuse, NY

Probation Officer

"I came to High Point Chiropractic Wellness for neck pain and loss of motion. The personal attention given to patients exceeds what I received from other chiropractors over 15 years. I have the feeling that I am doing everything possible to maximize my health. I love the expertise of the doctor coupled with a truly caring approach to the patients. I have already referred several people to the practice."

Eric R. from Camillus, NY

Graduate Student/Higher Education Professional

"The reason I came in was for neck and back pain. High Point Chiropractic Wellness was recommended by another chiropractor. This has been the most effective treatment I've received. Dr. Irum is nice, kind and extremely knowledgeable about her work. She also attends seminars to help increase her knowledge and continue her development in the field."

Pietro D. from Syracuse, NY


"I came to High Point Chiropractic Wellness for neck and back pain. I was referred by my children and wife.I am much better. I like to go, everybody is extremely nice there.I am now able to movie my neck in both directions. The service is super!"

Anna D. from Syracuse, NY


"I had a painful condition of sciatica passing down the back of the thign and knee.My doctor had suggested surgery.High Point Chiropractic Wellness has been wonderful.I can really say that I began to improve within a couple of weeks.I have decided to continue going even though I don't have any problems anymore.I have been pain free and....I can wear heels again! I can relax there, there is an atmosphere of tranquility.I would definitely recommend High Point Chiropractic Wellness."

Jen R.

"The time I spend at High Point is some of the most relaxing and helpful time I get all week. From the stuff to the ambiance, I feel cared for and not sold to. The doctors both know me and my body and they provide transparent healing for every visit. Thrilled with High Point Chiropractic."

Christopher T.

"My experience with High Point Chiropractic Wellness has been excellent. I have had a dramatic reduction in pain as a significant increase in range of motion."

Brian R.

"I came here in March with a very tight mid back and Dr Lynk has done a wonderful job helping to loosen me and correct my posture. I feel very blessed for having met her."

Christina H.

"I wish I came sooner all the bad pelvic pain I was feeling during my pregnancy was relived and has allowed me to be much more comfortable doing my regular activities for the remainder of my pregnancy."

Theresa F.

"I couldn't live without the services offered at High Point Chiropractic the Dr's and staff are always so helpful and knowledgeable, and they truely have passion for what they do."

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